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Product Description Suggested end-use
TransferRite 1206 is a 3.5 mil clear polypropylene application tape, coated with a low to medium tack adhesive.
TransferRite 1206 was designed for high speed decal installation.
1310 Ultra Clear enables multicolor alignments. This low-static film is easy to tear, removes effortlessly from corrugated plastic and banner material and is recommended for use with intermediate or calendered films, including matte finish interior wall films. 1310 is the sign maker's choice for ready-to-apply graphics because it adheres to exposed liner.
Ultra clear film with Ultra adhesive for drop shadows and multicolor alignments; tears easily; doesn't grab banner material or corrugated plastic; recommended for use with intermediate or calendered films.
1310 Grid (310G)
TransferRite 1310 Ultra Clear is available with the convenience of a 1" preprinted grid pattern. 1310 Grid is especially helpful to the inexperienced installer as an alignment assistant, and can also be used as a measuring tool on a vehicle when designing wraps.
Multi-color overlays requiring precise registration on both cast & calendered film.
1320 high tack Ultra Clear is effective for transferring tiny graphics and specialty films, including reflective, etched glass and holographic treatments.
Ultra clear film for use with SignGold, etched glass films; recommended for tiny lettering and graphics.
A 5 mil polypropylene-masking product with a custom formulated low tack rubber based adhesive system. Designed to protect screen-printed plastics and metals where both light textured and smooth surfaces may be utilized on the same part.
Smooth And Light Textured Plastics Or Metals, Surfaces Printed With Micro-Crazed UV Coatings.
1510 clear application tape facilitates drop shadows and has a frosted matte finish. It is most commonly available in 50 yard lengths.
Textured Plastics or Metals, Surfaces Printed With Micro-Crazed UV Coatings
560U is a low tack, lightweight paper product that is ideal for transferring medium to large graphics to poster board or card stock. Once the graphic is transferred and the application tape removed, the low tack adhesive will not mark the delicate surfaces of these substrates.
For use on poster board and card stock
582U is a medium tack application tape workhorse for general use. Once a graphic is weeded, 582U adheres to areas of exposed liner and does not lift on the corners, tunnel or "dog ear". Rolled and stacked graphics remain smooth and ready for installation.
Medium tack workhorse for general use
592U is a high tack, everyday application tape that effectively transfers intermediate or calendered films. Adhesion to exposed liner yields a professional-looking and profitable job.
Recommended for use with intermediate or calendered film
ProtecRite Digital lightweight paper is a low tack, economical choice for large format vinyl installation and for the protection of plastics during fabrication. It is available in popular widths including 54" and 60".
Polished stainless steel, painted steel, chrome plated steel and polished brass, Mill finished aluminum and painted aluminum, Special metals, synthetic marble, glass, High pressure laminates where high finish is required, Standard application to polished surfaces, Plastic laminates, acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting, Protection of aluminum aircraft skin during forming and processing.
TransferRite 6582 is a medium tack, lightweight paper tape used to transfer vinyl graphics. This product was our original application tape and it's performance speaks for itself - we have many dedicated users today, despite numerous choices in the market.
Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheet, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, High Pressure Laminates
TransferRite 6592 is a high tack, lightweight paper tape used to transfer vinyl graphics. This product has been an industry favorite for more than 20 years.
Recommended for lettering <2" in height, fine line striping and thermal die cut decals.
6798 is a very high tack application tape that is recommended for use with reflective films, etched glass films and awning material.
6798 was designed for use for interior automotive trim such as interior door panels, consoles and various textured trim parts. 6798 also works well for snowboard protection during the manufacturing process.
TransferRite 6882 was originally designed for use on UV screen printed decals and today is an all-around excellent performer on a variety of surfaces, including smooth top coats, raw vinyl and digitally printed inks.
Premask for the manufacture of large format graphics.
StencilRite 6932 is self-adhesive wallpaper used for temporary theater and movie set backdrops. It is also used as a stencil mask for container marking and comes on a crepe liner so that it can be steel rule die cut.
Sign Shop; Paint Mask; Paint Stencil for Murals; Theatrical Back-drops
TransferRite 700U is a heavyweight premask that performs well in the Yoder crimp for RV panels and as a roll striping medium.
Premask for the manufacture of fleet and RV decals.
TransferRite 760U is a heavyweight paper premask that performs well on raw vinyl graphics and for the installation of paint mask.
Premask for the manufacture of fleet and RV decals.
782U is a heavyweight, medium tack product that adheres to exposed liner and is ideal for large graphics. It will not tear easily, especially during installations over rivets, and performs well in wet applications.
Medium tack heavyweight workhorse; performs well in wet applications.
TransferRite 792U is effective for use with fine plotter and die cut graphics.
Screen Printer and Sign Shop
TransferRite 794U is a high tack, heavyweight paper premask that is effective for the transfer of small images, dusted crystal and fluorescent films.
Fine line striping, Decals that must conform over irregular surfaces, Decals requiring long term storage
8510 is a transparent blue, outdoor durable product. Use this tape to temporarily protect your investment during transportation or storage. It has been designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including partially cured coatings.
Painted Metal Including Urethanes and Coated Plastics, Partially Cured Paints & Coatings
TransferRite 9406 is a 4 mil clear polyethylene application tape, coated with a low to medium tack adhesive.
TransferRite 9406 was designed for high speed, conformable decal installation.
TransferRite 992U was engineered specifically for use with textured air egress release liners. It will adhere to exposed areas of liner and release cleanly and easily from the vinyl film after installation.
Large format, repositionable graphics.
AirMask is a unique film premask with an affinity for air-release liners. This product has been designed for cold laminator application, eliminating the need for heated nip rollers or the heat vacuum process
Large format or cut graphics with exposed air-release liners.
TransferRite pallet mask is an eco-friendly solution to protect textile screen print platens from spray adhesive build-up. Put a sheet of pallet mask on the platen and remove it when the adhesive and lint build up. No more solvents and rags to deal with!
TransferRite PM-12 (Pallet Mask) is a medium tack paper tape designed for use in textile screen printing to protect the platens from spray adhesive build-up. Eliminates the need for costly solvents and rag disposal.
PM-50 paint mask cuts and weeds easily, conforms to compound curves, does not break into pieces upon removal, and is residue-free. This mask withstands a bake cycle temperature of 110F.
A versatile product for use with a variety of paint chemistries, including automotive urethanes.